Governance advisory services for non-profit organizations

Welcome to WindSea Governance!

This site is about achieving good governance in non-profit organizations by applying a diagnostic tool called the Elements of Good Governance         

WindSea's practical tools and services help shape a good governance framework that reflects the non-profit organization's complexity, maturity and values.  Practical advice helps build the board's capacity to strategically lead the organization, make key decisions, and advance the organization's mission. 


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What is Good Governance?

What We Do

We know how to deliver what funders expect from non-profits


Increasingly, funders look to non-profit leadership to deliver programs and services in their communities.  We design sustainable governance frameworks that navigate the turbulence in the social, political, economic and regulatory environment.     

We align resources with mission and strategies


Volunteer boards often redirect financial resources to meet stakeholders and funders expectations.  We help non-profit leadership understand the implications of shifting winds and currents, adjust elements of the governance framework and report on the impact of each change.   

We help evaluate and improve performance


Evaluation is the key to strategic management.  As conditions and expectations evolve, non-profit leadership may need to update strategy and renew their governance model.    We help non-profits realistically define performance management frameworks that guide transitions. 

Our Vision

After decades of recognition as valued volunteers, we share what we've learned about how non-profit organizations optimize governance frameworks and decision-making to make a measurable impact for their communities. 

Why Us?

We work with volunteers and staff to respond to the winds of change, navigate shifts and stay on course to governance and optimize performance management -  simply, smoothly, smartly.

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